Artist Spotlight 5 "Rask"

Take It Back To The Year 2000... Back When The Panic Of The "Y2K" Had People Scrambling To Pull Money Out The Banks And Buying Tons Of Emergency Supplies...Humanity Was Doomedddd!!!! NOT! The New Year Came And Went And "Rask" And Company Kept Killing Spot After Spot. Bringing Such A Unique Style And Burning So Hard That There Was No Getting Close. As The Years Passed They Inspired Many But The Gang Somewhat Grew Apart. Life Started To Set In And Rask Came And Went....But Never Lost That Touch. 

Fast Forward To 2018...There We Sat In An Alley In South Central LA Watching Crackheads Walk In And Out Of A Trap House Down The Way And Conversing About How Much The Graff Game Has Changed.  Reminiscing About Old Spots... We Talked About How "Side Busting" And "Spot Jocking" Means A God Dam Nothing And How The City Is Covered With A High Percentage Of Shit Graff.  We Both Agree That The Social Media Era Has Helped But It Has Also Tainted The Game Because Writers Motivation To Do Spots Up Is Solely For The Purpose Of Blasting That Flick Online.  He Mentions To Me How He Was Always Intrigued By The Gang Graffiti In His Hood And How He Got Started With Graffiti. How His "Jefita" Always Told Him That If He Got Arrested Not To Call Her From Jail. How He Went From Air Brushing At A Spot At The Swap Meet To Designing "Douche Bag" Looking Clothes To Tattooing And Doing Graphic Design...To Blasting Sick Pieces On His Days Off.....

Hope Y'all Enjoy A Little Taste Of What Its Like To Walk Into The "Unholy Path" With "Rask" Kog"Lts".... Dont Get Burned Now...

-Jack G


Artist Spotlight 4 "Goyoe"

Our Night Started At A Good Food "Hood Spot" Known As "Carnitas Michoacan" Out In Lincoln Heights CA. Not The Best Location To Have A Pre-Workout Meal Due To The Shit That Ive Seen Go Down Throughout The Years. But, There We Sat Fucking Up A "Wet Burrito" And Some "Carne Asada Nachos". As The Night Continued I Prayed That The Food We Had Just Devoured Wouldn't Fuck With Our Plans And Cause A Pit Stop To The Shitter. LOL.  

We Lurked Along Various Streets In Los Angeles Viewing Future Potential Spots To Smash. Pulling Over Various Times To Get Tags With Streaks On Dumpsters... We Discuss How He Hardly Cares For Graffiti And How He Wishes He Would Have Never Picked Up The Hobby.  Both Of Us Agreeing That We Would Probably Have Successful Careers If We Hadn't Done So. LOL. Damn. We Drive Around A Certain Part Of The City Looking For That Perfect Canvas.... We Pull Up To One And He Shuts The Light Off. We End Up Taking A Cruise Around The Area Before Go Time...And We Find Something Even Better.... Hope Y'all Enjoy The Black Panther Slaying ( No Pun Intended) For All Y'all "Conservatives". 

Goyoe Nct Crew .....

-Jack G 



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Artist Spotlight 3 "Kaer 67”

On This Warm "Super Bowl"  Sunday Morning I Found Myself Driving Towards An Area Of The City That Is Controlled By The Notorious MS X3 Gang. I Pull Up To The Spot And Wait For "Kaer". A Few Minutes Later He Rolls Up And He Realizes That The Truck He Is Trying To Lace Up Is About To Pull Away. He Runs Up On The Owner And Comes Back With Some Shitty News.... "The Man Told Me He Has To Bounce G." I'm Like " Well What's Up Dawg? You Got Any Other Trucks???? He's Like "Fuck Yeah Dude...Follow Me". Not Even 3 Blocks Later We Pull Up On Another Truck And Before I Know It "The King Of Trucks" Is Getting Down To Business... It Seems Like This Dude Has Just About As Many Trucks Rolling As Does Fed Ex...LOL...

Throughout The Session We Bullshit And Share Stories About Our Experiences In This Graff Game. The Story That Most Stuck With Me Was When He Was Painting A Truck Out In Boyle Heights And A Gangster From Varrio Evergreen Crept Up And Swore He Was Almost Going To Unload The Clip On Him. Isn't That Some Shit??!! We Kind Of Chuckled About It And Agreed That  Painting "Legal" Graffiti In Los Angeles Is Far More Dangerous Than Doing So "Illegaly".  

Hope Yall Enjoy This Segment And Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Them Rolling Canvases That "Kaer 67" Is Pumping Out....Peaceeee

Kaer 67 Wd... Tci... De.. 2018m

-Jack G 



Artist Spotlight 2 "Besto"

I Get A Text At 2AM.. "Im On My Way To Pick You Up." So I Get Up.. Pack Up My Gear And Wander Into The Night With “Besto”... On The Way To The Spot We Had A Great Conversation About Guns, Bowel Movements and How Much We Both Hate Graffiti. LOL. Kind Of Ironic Right??? We Both Seem To Agree That This Graffiti Shit Is For Longevity And To Produce "Quality" Work. LOL... How We Both Hate Dealing With Politics And Cry Baby Ass "Writters" That Be All In There Feelings... Boy O Boy We Are Getting Old.... LOL!


We Get To The Spot And We Hurry In Before Anyone Spots Us. He Walks Up To The Wall And I Walk About 50 Feet Away From Him To Set Up For My Shots....I Realize That It’s Dark As Fuck And That It’s Going To Be A Bit Tough To Get Good Shots! To Make Things A Bit Worse A Fucken Train Comes And Parks Between Me And The Wall... I Grab My Equipment and Jump The Line And BAM!!! I’m Back To Shooting... After A Few Hours It’s Done!  

The Saga Continues : When You Got It, You Got It...Besto Gots It In Spades..." Ne..Wd.. We"

Hope Yall Enjoy.... 

-Jack G 

There You Have It.... Besto We... Wd... Ne... 2018

There You Have It.... Besto We... Wd... Ne... 2018