Artist Spotlight 6 "Lskeet"

While Cruising Thru Los Angeles And Looking At A lot Of The Graffiti It Seems To Me That Many Of The Styles Out There Are Too Basic, Without Thought And Watered Down. A Select Few Styles Have Recently Caught My Eye...One Of Them Being From This Killah "Lskeet". To Be Honest ... At First I Didn't Even Know How To Pronounce The Name. (El...Skiit)  As Time Passed I Was Introduced To "Lskeet" By "Skilo".  The Awesome Most Thing About This Kid Is The "Level Headedness" That He Possesses... Not Letting His Skill Blow Up His Fucken Head. That's A Rare Fucking Quality.

As The Months Passed By I Kept In Touch With "Lskeet" And For One Reason Or The Other We Never Got A Chance To Link Up. Time Passed And Homie Ended Up Falling Off A Billboard...Crutches, A Bad Back And Other Swollen Body Parts Resulted. This Didn't Stop Him From Blasting The City With Some Ill Shit. "Lskeet" Kept Going Hard And Pulling Up N Bombing Streetside Spots With Crutches And A Limp. The True Heart Of A Killah. The Months Passed And By Fucking Coincidence I Happened To Roll By A Wall He Was Lacing Up.... Pulled Over And Said Whats Up?! And The Rest Is History.

Without Anymore Hold Up...Here It Is...A Lil Foto Session Put Together With "Lskeet" From That LOK Mob.... Enjoy.

-Jack G

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