Railroad Is Life 4

Jack G Public Service Announcement 

First Off I Would Like To Start Off By Giving A Big Thank You To All The People That Have Came Onto My Site And Checked Out My Work. From Those Who Are New Visitors To The Regulars And Everyone In Between. Y'all Put A Big Ass Smile On My Face And Give Me That Extra Push To Keep Producing More Work.

For Those Of You That Don't Know Me Personally Or Give A Fuck To Even Know... The Last Year Of My Life Has Been A Big Struggle. I Worked For The "Beer Industry" For About 10 Years Until May Of Last Year. From There I Held Several Jobs And Started To Push My Fotograffy To The Next Level. Trying To Make This Hobby Of Mine Into A Full Time Business Has Been A Bitch For Me...From People Flaking On You...To People Trying To Low Ball You For Your Skills. Simultaneously I've Found Myself Trying To Chase A Dream Job In A Certain Industry And Have Failed A Couple Of Times. Yes, Rejection Is A Bitch. With All That Struggle, I Recently Came Upon A Job Opportunity That Is Financially Stable ( Pays Way Better) But Also Allows Me To Spend Time With My 3 Year Old Son Every Single Day And I Cant Be More Thankful For That. Blessed.

With All That Being Said...I Refuse To Give Up The Chase For My Dreams. Giving Up Is Simply Not A Fucking Option! For All Of You That Are Struggling At Whatever You Do...REMEMBER That All Great Things Don't Come Together Over Night. YOU Will Be Knocked Down More Than You'd Like, But That's Life! Don't Give Up! Don't Settle For Less. You Are Never Too Old To Change That Life Around. Don't Get Comfortable How I Have For The Past 10 Years.  Its A Waste Of Precious Time. If Nobody In Your Circle Believes In You..Then Guess What? Find Yourself Another Circle! Life Is Too Short To Share That Bomb Ass Steak With Some Snakes!

 Shout Out To My Ex-Fucking Shit Boss For Giving Me The Boot! Shit Opened Up My Eyes And Kicked Me In The Ass To Get The Fuck Up And Chase That Dream.  

Thank You For Everything Y'all..If Nobody Believes In You..Jack G Believes In You!!
-Jack G