Artist Spotlight 3 "Kaer 67”

On This Warm "Super Bowl"  Sunday Morning I Found Myself Driving Towards An Area Of The City That Is Controlled By The Notorious MS X3 Gang. I Pull Up To The Spot And Wait For "Kaer". A Few Minutes Later He Rolls Up And He Realizes That The Truck He Is Trying To Lace Up Is About To Pull Away. He Runs Up On The Owner And Comes Back With Some Shitty News.... "The Man Told Me He Has To Bounce G." I'm Like " Well What's Up Dawg? You Got Any Other Trucks???? He's Like "Fuck Yeah Dude...Follow Me". Not Even 3 Blocks Later We Pull Up On Another Truck And Before I Know It "The King Of Trucks" Is Getting Down To Business... It Seems Like This Dude Has Just About As Many Trucks Rolling As Does Fed Ex...LOL...

Throughout The Session We Bullshit And Share Stories About Our Experiences In This Graff Game. The Story That Most Stuck With Me Was When He Was Painting A Truck Out In Boyle Heights And A Gangster From Varrio Evergreen Crept Up And Swore He Was Almost Going To Unload The Clip On Him. Isn't That Some Shit??!! We Kind Of Chuckled About It And Agreed That  Painting "Legal" Graffiti In Los Angeles Is Far More Dangerous Than Doing So "Illegaly".  

Hope Yall Enjoy This Segment And Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Them Rolling Canvases That "Kaer 67" Is Pumping Out....Peaceeee

Kaer 67 Wd... Tci... De.. 2018m

-Jack G