Artist Spotlight 4 "Goyoe"

Our Night Started At A Good Food "Hood Spot" Known As "Carnitas Michoacan" Out In Lincoln Heights CA. Not The Best Location To Have A Pre-Workout Meal Due To The Shit That Ive Seen Go Down Throughout The Years. But, There We Sat Fucking Up A "Wet Burrito" And Some "Carne Asada Nachos". As The Night Continued I Prayed That The Food We Had Just Devoured Wouldn't Fuck With Our Plans And Cause A Pit Stop To The Shitter. LOL.  

We Lurked Along Various Streets In Los Angeles Viewing Future Potential Spots To Smash. Pulling Over Various Times To Get Tags With Streaks On Dumpsters... We Discuss How He Hardly Cares For Graffiti And How He Wishes He Would Have Never Picked Up The Hobby.  Both Of Us Agreeing That We Would Probably Have Successful Careers If We Hadn't Done So. LOL. Damn. We Drive Around A Certain Part Of The City Looking For That Perfect Canvas.... We Pull Up To One And He Shuts The Light Off. We End Up Taking A Cruise Around The Area Before Go Time...And We Find Something Even Better.... Hope Y'all Enjoy The Black Panther Slaying ( No Pun Intended) For All Y'all "Conservatives". 

Goyoe Nct Crew .....

-Jack G 



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