Artist Spotlight 2 "Besto"

I Get A Text At 2AM.. "Im On My Way To Pick You Up." So I Get Up.. Pack Up My Gear And Wander Into The Night With “Besto”... On The Way To The Spot We Had A Great Conversation About Guns, Bowel Movements and How Much We Both Hate Graffiti. LOL. Kind Of Ironic Right??? We Both Seem To Agree That This Graffiti Shit Is For Longevity And To Produce "Quality" Work. LOL... How We Both Hate Dealing With Politics And Cry Baby Ass "Writters" That Be All In There Feelings... Boy O Boy We Are Getting Old.... LOL!


We Get To The Spot And We Hurry In Before Anyone Spots Us. He Walks Up To The Wall And I Walk About 50 Feet Away From Him To Set Up For My Shots....I Realize That It’s Dark As Fuck And That It’s Going To Be A Bit Tough To Get Good Shots! To Make Things A Bit Worse A Fucken Train Comes And Parks Between Me And The Wall... I Grab My Equipment and Jump The Line And BAM!!! I’m Back To Shooting... After A Few Hours It’s Done!  

The Saga Continues : When You Got It, You Got It...Besto Gots It In Spades..." Ne..Wd.. We"

Hope Yall Enjoy.... 

-Jack G 

  There You Have It.... Besto We... Wd... Ne... 2018

There You Have It.... Besto We... Wd... Ne... 2018