A Trip To The Western American Train Museum

This Past Weekend My Family And I Took A Lil Road Trip To The Western American Train Museum Out In Barstow, CA. The Drive Took Us Almost 2 Hours Going At Speed Limit From Los Angeles. Definitely A Great Place To Visit If You Want To Check Out Locomotives And Other Railroad Equipment. There's An Outside Area That Has A Good Amount Of TrainsThat You Can Climb On Without Being Harrassed By Railroad Police. LOL.  Then There Is An Indoor Section That Has Everything You Can Think Of Related To The Railroad. They Have Books For Children And Tshirts For Children And Adults. They Also Have A Miniature Railroad Set Up. They Have Tons And Tons of Books About The Railroad. The Museum Also Has A Room With Thousands Of Dated Railroad Ties From Different Companies In The US,Mexico And Canada. Entrance Is Completly Free And So Is The Parking. :) 

Just Remember To Bring Sunscreen Because Temperatures During Summer Range From 90 to 115 Degrees. Keep Eyes And Ears Opened For Rattlesnakes, What Do You Expect People? This Is The Desert Afterall. Make Sure To Bring A lot Of Cold Water And Snacks! Ohhhh And Don't Forget The Cameras!!!! 

Heres Some Pics I Took On Our Lil Trip. (Color?!Oh What?! Yes They Are In Color!) 

Enjoy. Thank For All The Support.

-Jack G