Well It's Been A While Since I Have Posted Anything. Been Super Busy With My Fuck Boy Corporate 9-5 Job. Many Of You May Not Know This About Me But I Firmly Believe In Standing Up For What I Believe In. Even If It Means Possible "Disciplinary Action". Tomorrow My Life Might Change And I Ultimately Believe That It Might Be For The Better. I Am Big On Spending Time With My Family And This Job Doesn't Allow For That. It Also Takes Up So Much Of My Time That I Hardly Get Out And Snap Fotos. I Feel That At A lot Of These Work Places There Is "Managers" That Have Absolutely No Idea  How To Properly Run A Department. I Feel That "Management" Dislikes Change And Dislikes The Fact That Some Of The Employees Might Have Better Ideas Than They Do. Lastly, I Feel That Discrimination And Abuse Of Authority Is Viciously Practiced At These Work Places. 

For Whatever Reason A lot Of Employees Seem To Put Up With This Non Sense. Maybe Because We Are Afraid To Leave Our Comfort Zones And Take On A Journey That Is New To Us. To Venture Into The Unknown Is A Big Fear That A lot Of Us Don't Realize That We Have. But I Say FUCK THAT! Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up If You Feel You Are Right! If You Feel Discriminated Speak The Fuck Up! Don't Be A Fucking Sheep Following The Fucken Shepherd! We Are In The Fucken 2000's People! The Abuse And Mistreatment At These Jobs Sites Has To Stop! Don't Be Afraid Of Change! We'll See What Happens With My Situation, But Regardless Of The Outcome Shit Will Be Alright. Sorry For My Rant People. Enjoy The Next Set Of Shots And Thanks For All The Love And Support!!!!

-Jack G