Fire Hits Close To Home...

As Many Of You May Know, California Has Been Devasted By Wild Fires Within The Last Week Or So. I Have Never Had A Fire So Close To My Home That I Actually Had To Worry About Having To Get My Stuff Together And Leave Until This Past Weekend. A Vacant Home Really Close By Was Ravaged By A Fire. Thankfully The Brave Firefighters From The Boyle Heights Station Put Out The Flames Before Any Other Structures Were Harmed! My Deepest Condolences Go Out To The Many That Have Been Affected By The Recent Fires. My Prayers Are With You.

Heres Some Shots I Was Able To Capture.

-Jack G


Foto Blog So Hard 15

Jack G Is Now Podcasting On iTunes And On SoundCloud! Yes! A Podcast That Features The Raw, Shit Talking, But Entertaining Rants Of Your Boyle Heights Connect Jack “Mothafucking” G! Please Spread The Word To Friends And Family! Support The Underdog! For Any Advertising On The Podcast Or Guest Appearances Shoot Me A Email And We’ll Get The Show On The Road ASAP!

Thank You

-Jack G

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Railroad Is Life 6 (Beast Mode Edition)

These Fucken Rolling Canvases Have Been A Great Passion Of Mine Since I Was A Child. Before The Times When I Didn't Know About Graffiti..I Fell In Love With These "Choo Choo's". I Wont Say That This Was My First Love Because Im Sure That My First Love Was My Mom And Dad...Then  I Fell In Love With Gummy Bears And Then With WWF Wrestling In The Hogan And Ultimate Warrior Days.... Then Im Sure My Love For Trains Came About. Its A Passion That Has Only Gotten Deeper With Time. From Visiting My Grandpa On His Lunch Break And Seeing The Trains Lined Up On The Dock In The 80's To Painting Them Through The Late 90's And 2000's...To Fotograffing Them In The Present. Now I Take My Son Along With Me And I See The Love In His 3 Year Old Eyes For These Beautiful Machines....

Enjoy Y'all...

-Jack G

Big FUCKING Announcement

Your Boy Jack G Has Started A Podcast And It Is Now Live On Sound Cloud! Yes A Fucking Podcast! With All Honesty I Have So Much To Learn With The Uploading/Editing Of My Shows But I Am A One Man Team And Im Excited To Take On This New Challenge. I Was Debating On Doing This For The Longest Time And Last Week I Finally Said "FUCK IT"! So I Decided To Go For It...Remember...Any Idea Or Project You Have in Mind Isn't Stupid...Its Only Stupid If You Don't Fulfill It! Stop Fucking Lagging And Go For It! I Did! And Here I Am! Years Back I Didn't Even Think My Own Website Would Even Be Possible! This Podcast Is A R-Rated Extension Of My You Tube Channel And It's "Not Safe For Work"...Its Loaded With Bad Language And Uncensored Rawness For Y'all To Listen To!

Hope Y'all Enjoy!

-Jack Mothafucking G!!!


Railroad Is Life 5

I Been Away From The Rails For A Little Bit But Im Back. I Been Adjusting To This New Work Schedule...It Was Kicking My Ass For Real. This MorningI Woke Up Grabbed My Camera, Fueled Up The Whip And Dipped Out To The Bench With My Lil Co-Pilot. Lucked The Fuck Out Too...I Caught Some Fire !!! Back To The Regularly Scheduled "Jack Mothafucking G" Program! Thank You All For Viewing! If Nobody Loves You Jack G Does!

-Jack G

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