About me


I Am Jack Garcia. Born and Raised in Boyle Heights, California in the 80s. I am Mexican American and Speak both Spanish and English fluently. Growing up in the Varrio wasn't all too easy but it made me the person I am today. I remember walking with my Mom and Dad in the neighborhood and witnessing the rich culture that my city has to offer. Reminiscing of those days has left me wishing that I had a Canon to capture all the richness of "Mi Varrio" in my young years.

As a Freshmen at RHS I started to hang with GRAFFiti Writters. Little by little I started to venture out of Boyle Heights and into other parts of Los Angeles. Sooner than later I found myself taking "FOTOS" of GRAFFiti from all Over. Borrowing my Moms "Advantix" Camera or sometimes shooting with disposable Cameras. There was no looking back! I had to take as many "FOTOS" as possible!

Years went by and I Picked up my first DSLR. So many more buttons! That Dam Canon Rebel gave me a bunch of Gray hairs!  But, I kept at it! I soon realized that shooting "Monochrome" was my thing! I continued to focus on documenting the streets. The Homeless, Alleys, Gang Graffiti, Cars, City Scapes, Road Kill, Poverty, Filth. The Dirtier the better. As time has passed I started to venture out into different areas of "FOTOGRAFFY". I started to do Portraits, Family Fotos, Parties, Baptisms, Maternity, Quinceañeras etc etc. 
Here I am now displaying a small chunk of my "FOTOGRAFFY" for the world to see.

Oh Wait.

"What a Idiot. He Mispelled Photography?"

Right? Wrong!!!!!

"FOTO" because as a child my parents would tell me... " Vente, para sacarnos una FOTO" ( Come here so we can take a Photo)
Means the same thing but I Just chose to give it that Mexican Twist.

And the second part of the word "GRAFFY" was purposely mispelled because if it wasn't for "GRAFFiti" I probably would have never found my passion!

Live It. Dream It. Create it!

Jack G



For business inquiries contact me with your ideas and lets get this project started. 



Available for 

  • Parties
  • Quinceañeras
  • Baptisms
  • Maternity
  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Graduations
  • Family Portraits
  • Car shoots  

Open to take on any projects 

Thank you